Instructor Training

Teach the American Accent

American Accent Training offers a teacher training courses specifically designed to sharpen your accent and pronunciation teaching skills.

Both experienced and novice teachers are welcome, as well as people contemplating a career change.


The training consists of three phases. First, you complete a series of reports on all the topics to be covered in the program. This lets the master instructor know what you currently understand and where you need guidance.

The second phase is the 5-week training, which is one hour per week via phone or Skype. You go through all of the aspects of teaching the American accent, including intonation, word connections, pronunciation, classroom management, teaching techniques, student assignments, tests and tracking, navigating the online program and exactly how to conduct the diagnostic analysis for a variety of nationalities.

In the third phase, you work with individual students -- either your own or AAT can provide you with a volunteer -- and complete the report series from the perspective of having learned and taught the various topics and techniques. You also conduct your own diagnostic analysis and review the results with your instructor.

The fee is $500 and includes all materials, 5 hours of instruction and report review, online access and the diagnostic analysis forms for both you and your students.

This is a fun and intellectually challenging field. With Skype you can work with students all over the world!

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